Beat The Brewer w/ Ommegang… Game of Thrones Edition

It’s a Game Of Thrones event as The Grid and Ommegang Brewery tap some rare beers in honor of the final GoT season.

Grab a special release of ‘For The Throne’ Golden Ale Beer as you trial-by-combat the team from Ommegang to an arcade of your choosing. If you can win, there are some excellent treasures that will be awarded to you. Free to participate!

Beers being tapped include:

For the Throne
Complex and compelling, yet delicate and refined, For the Throne is the tribute to the final occupant of the Iron Throne. This strong golden ale is co-fermented with Pinot Grigio and Viognier grape juices, then bottle conditioned with Champagne yeast.

Rare VOS
A unique take on the smooth, easy drinking ambers poured in cafés across Belgium, Rare Vos (Strange Fox) takes its name from a tavern near Brussels known for cycling contests, pigeon races and outstanding ales. Pouring a brilliant copper with a creamy white head, this bright, beguiling beer is sensational to session. Because at the end of the day, it’s good to enjoy the end of the day.

Inspired by the traditional rustic brews of Belgium, our iconic American farmhouse saison is charmingly complex but eminently drinkable. Artfully spiced with coriander, ginger, orange peel and grains of paradise, its champagne-like effervescence leads to a crisp, dry finish, delighting discerning drinkers everywhere.

The time-honored Belgian tradition of aging and blending fruit beers is lovingly expressed in this lively creation, named for legendary brewmaster Rosa Merckx of Liefmans, the sister blendery in Belgium where this beer is crafted. A charming combination of Oud Bruin, a tart Flemish brown ale, and Cuvee Brut, a cheerful cherry beer, Rosetta offers elegance, depth, complexity and an intriguing interplay of tartness and sweetness.

Other rare and specialty themed brews and cocktails will be available.