2nd Annual Lansing Brewery Showcase

The 2nd Annual Brewery Showcase…

Lansing has a lot to be proud of, such as its successful and growing list of great independent craft breweries. The Grid will be recognizing all of these talented local brewers with a special week-long showcase that highlights the best brews in the Capital City.

During each day of this showcase week, different brewers will be on-site to meet, greet, and share their stories over their beers. Perhaps you can even take them head-to-head on a retro arcade or pinball game!

The full list of breweries attending and the days they are available (between 6pm-9pm) to meet are:
– Ozone Brewery
– Looking Glass Brewery
– BrickHaven Brewing Co
– Old Nation Brewery
– BAD Brewing Co
– Ellison Brewery + Spirits
– EagleMonk Pub & Brewery
– Lansing Brewing Co
– Dime’s Brewhouse
– Sleepwalker Spirits & Ales

Come out and show your support for Lansing beers!