You Don’t Know Jack – Trivia Night

You Don’t Know Jack – Trivia Night

If you think you’re good and those other trivia games…
It don’t mean Jack now!

The most irreverent trivia game ever concieved makes its way onto the big screen at The Grid. Using your smartphone as a buzzer, you’ll go head-to-head-to-head-to-head in a fast paced, 10-question trivia match where even the wrong answer can win you points and you can force others to answer a question they don’t know!

Think you’ve got the smarts to out-think, out-wit and out-last everyone else? We think You Don’t Know Jack!

** A prize will be given out to the winner of every 4-player match. Mario Kart will not be available during trivia.

BONUS GAMES: While you’re waiting for your round or trivia to begin, grab some friends for some classic board game action. Throughout the evening, take a go at Sorry!, Trouble!, Clue and more.